Yuri Boyko

Fabrik Projects / Yuri Boyko

Artist Statement
My artistic practice focuses on deconstruction of identity.
I transform individual experiences, observations, and emotions into visual
representations. My goal is to reveal subconscious and concealed qualities of
identity by employing light and color intertwined with symbols and metaphors.
My artistic practice relies on two intervolved constituents: an idea and a process.
The idea comes first. It may linger in my notes or steep in my mind for some
time or may appear quite spontaneously. My work is representational in nature
– the idea and the subject matter drive the selection and incorporation of specific
objects. The process is as much crucial. It shapes and crystallizes the essence of
a specific body of work during the development of an entire visual narrative. It
supports and nurtures the development of the idea up to a point when all pieces
appear to feel and work right.
To the point when the idea is realized.

Salve, series of five photographs, 30” x 30”, pigment print, 2016
The series metaphorically addresses unlocking of unconscious potential.
Recovering sensation
Rediscovering experience
Retrieving unknown
Regaining unconsciousness
Reclaiming oneself.


June 25, 2018