Glen Wexler

Fabrik Projects / Glen Wexler

“I often shoot on location for background images to be incorporated into my photo-compositions of constructed narrative scenes of improbable realities. The “backgrounds” often stand on their own merit and in turn, I have created an extensive body of landscapes images. “Towards Oblivion” is a serendipitous anomaly. I was out early morning in Badwater Basin, Death Valley, which is the lowest elevation in North America located below Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous states. After shooting salt flats for about an hour, I was walking back to the main road when a bus of Japanese tourists pulled up. A group of about 30 people passed by on the trail. As I turned around I saw a surreal scene of the group dispersing; they appeared to be walking into nothingness, including a nun who had stopped to study a hole in the ground. Typically, my images are completely conceptualized, pre-visualized, fully planned, shot and assembled, but this one was there for the taking. This was the first and only time that a “completed” improbable reality didn’t need to be constructed from scratch.” — Glen Wexler

The framing of the print is intended to enhance the ethereal effect of the image. The print is set back from non-glare glazing in a box frame to create a soft focus when viewed from the sides coming into to clear focus when viewed straight on.




August 31, 2017